Bid# 610: Fire Technology Apparatus Building Phase II Parking Lot and Site Utilities

Updated: 10/21/2020 - 6:28pm
Status: Established
Addendum: 2
Project Summary:
Phase II of the project includes 100% of the necessary work up to the division line of Phase II and Phase III, included but not limited to Site Utilities (Site Electrical, Site Lighting, Fire Hydrant installation and Site Irrigation), Fine Grading, Compaction of Soil, Hardscape ( Curb & Gutters, Asphalt Paving, Sealing and Striping, Concrete Sidewalks and Concrete Wheel Stops) and Site Fencing (utilizing existing stored Galvanized Post and Chainlink Fabric as well as new materials).
Purchasing Specialist
Name: JoNell Miller
Phone #: 805-652-5560
Email Address:
Date: Wed, 09/09/2020
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: District Administrative Center
Mandatory Job Walk
Date: Wed, 08/26/2020
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Fire Tech Apparatus Building Site on the Camarillo Airport
Phone #: For directions to the site call 805-258-9245 or 805-585-0108
License: A
Recommended Vendor
Recommended Vendor: Staples Construction Company, Inc.
Recommendation Date: Mon, 09/14/2020
Bid will Be Awarded: Fri, 10/09/2020
Bid Awarded
Awarded Vendor: Staples Construction Company, Inc
Awarded Date: Wed, 10/14/2020
Contract Expires: Wed, 06/30/2021